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I wish by me!

I wish I could close my eyes and forget everything that was bad in my life but then there would be nothing left in my life at all,

I wish I could tell someone but no who used to care seems to care about what is going on anymore,

I wish I could relief my pain somehow but I can’t figure out a way,

I wish could make all the bad feelings of no one caring go away but then what would I replace them with?

I wish someone would care enough to tell me that it would be ok, but I know that is not possible in my life,

I wish with just a couple of happy thoughts would make me forget the horrible pain I fell inside that is killing me,

I wish I could find someone to tell that would actual help me not make me fell worse,

I wish there were a person that I actual felt able to depend on more than 5 minutes because I know if I depend on them more than that long then they will just leave felling so empty,

I wish I could just count to 5 and stop felling this way but I know that is not possible but once again where can I do that because I have to find a place that I am wanted before I depend on that environment to much,

I wish there was something that would solve my problems but if there were I wouldn’t be able to find it because it would help and on cares about what would help me,

But what the hell forget it because no cares so why am I writing and voicing my opinion?

I know

I know I did you wrong

I know I cheated on you so many times,

I still have feelings for you

I don't know if you do,

But I know I am sorry if I hurt you

I know it is over between us,

I at least hope we can be friends

But understand that if I hurt you to bad,

Well hopefully you can believe me

That I didn’t mean to hurt you,

With Friendship,


I open my eyes and I then I close them and I see us standing in front of a mirror,

I can still smell that sexy smell you smelled, I can still see that look of pride on my face being with you, I can still fell that felling of love that I had for you that day, I can still see the day clearly can you??


Peace is the feeling of a nice walk in the garden,

Peace is the feeling of success and good health from the 1000 cranes made,

Peace is the feeling from a special made cup from myths,

Peace is truly what we all need to live.



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