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I used to believe that life was so sweet and wonderful. I used to wake up and think that I really counted then I had a reality check that hurt so bad.

Ch.1 *11- bad

I used to love going to my dad’s house. I would dream of it all week and be so happy when it came I would scream joy almost. It was in the year when I turned 11 when I stopped feeling that way about my father. Jennifer and I went to his house that weekend. We so sick of missing out on having a real life with friends and stuff. My father had married a lady who was really a strong believer in god. I am not saying believing that way is wrong or right but I do thing she hated me because I didn’t think god was real then. So I ignored ever word she said and done just the opposite I now know that was bad of me. I guess I just mad over her taking my daddy. Jennifer and I listened to music that she did not like she hated it so bad that when she heard it she would get so mad and demand it be turned off. I remember this song that was very bad song that we played it all the time around her. She got so mad at us. One time where around my Father’s hometown and the song came on. Jennifer and I sang to it after she turned so my Father hit my arms with an icebreaker. The next day, which was Saturday we where back at my father’s house and Jennifer and I kept on singing to the song. My father hit Jenny and then he thew her up against the frigate. H e had her choked up aganist it. Then I kicked him in-beteen the legs. He let go of my sister. He buckled down form the pain. He then pulled out his belt and as Jennifer and I ran form him. He had whacked Jennifer with the belt on the back of her leg. We went to near by neighbor’s house and she called the police. We went to the police station and got our marks taken picture of. That was the last time Jennifer and I went to see my father who I now call Jim.

Ch. 2 *12-good

When I was 12 my sister got pregnant (not Jennifer, Jamie). I was so mad that baby might take over my sister and her time. I got where I hated to see Jamie’s belly grow. I swore I would hate that baby when it came. I got where I would cry because of that thing growing inside of sister. My sister was not married and was not planning to marry the guy who got her pregnant therefore she lived with us. Months passed and passed and soon my nephew was born. As soon as he came home with Jamie and I saw him I knew I could hate him for any reason what so over. I did get mad at him for the attenion he got, though. I didn’t like it because that meant I had was longer the baby. I wanted to still be the baby and the one people loved and adored. I then decided I would have to be in the spotlight with David so I spent a lot of time with him and came to love him so much. I would hurry from school to see his pretty blue eyes. I would play with him till I was told to stop but I still got on the computer and stuff. I really loved him with all my life.

Ch.3 13-bad*

My Uncle Kenny moved in downstairs and Jennifer would go down there and do her homework. I no longer had my sister. She always went down there. She started seeing our cousin Scott. Jamie started going downstairs and I would play on her computer and watch David. I didn’t mind watching David. He was always such a sweet boy. I actual loved watching him. I looked forward to it. Then all went to hell. Jamie started seeing Uncle Kenny. It is so nasty on both of sister’s behalves. I think it is so gross. I would never to it. I would never date one of my relatives. My Mom and Dad found out and kicked Jamie and Uncle Kenny out. That meant my David went bye-bye, too. And also my sister’s boyfriend, our cousin who is so gross, went bye-bye since he was Uncle Kenny’s son. I missed my David so much I cried.

Ch.4 *14-good and bad

I got my first real boyfriend but my Mom didn’t like him. If anything she hated him. She thought he was too old for me. But I thought different.

Well mom started to taking to Jamie but she stayed with Uncle Kenny and Jennifer stayed with Scott. She sees him ever weekend it seems like at Uncle Kenny. I never really like the fact of Uncle Kenny and Jamie being together, I actual find very nasty and gross. I feel the same about Jennifer and Scott.

Ch 5*

It is Friday and I just got home from the doctor’s office because mom had to go to some place up there. While we where gone Jamie called and left a message on the answer-machine. She was crying because Kenny had beaten her. He had strangled her in front of David. He told David he was going to kill his mommy. I hate him so bad. Jamie and David then moved in with us and lived downstairs.

Scott broke up with Jennifer but she is still waiting on him, which I hate so bad. I wish she would

Ch.6 *The End

As you see my life isn’t sweet and wonderful. I love my family with all my heart especial my Mom, Dad (step but he is more of a dad then Jim will ever be) and David, who is so wonderful and sweet. I love all my friends and hope such better lives for them then my mine. God Bless all.



I stand in the street watching my bestfriend make-out wiht my x. I did not let him go far with me and hope it will not go far with her. I actual thoght he loved me at one point in my life, I so can not belive I actual belived that.

Johnthan was his name he kissed me at his basketball game and after that we became an "item" and if you saw Johnthan you would see me on his arm. I was head captian of the cheerleader and he was captain of the basketball team, what better couple then us? I thought he loved me but he didn't love me.

I had been dating Johntan for a little over a year and he asked me to spend the night at his house and leave before moring. He said his parents would not get in until way latter like around 6 or 7 in the moring. I went and he started kissing me as soon as I got there. I tried to stop him but he unbuttoned my top. So I kicked him in between the legs and he fall down, then I pushed him off me. He then got up and slaped me on the face. I ran to the door and ran as fast as I could to my house.

The next day he bacam an "item" with my bestfriend. He kept kissing her and she would giggle, it made me me sick. I told her what happend and she laughed in my face and then went back to getting kisses and giggling about them. It speard around school that I was whore and He had slept with me. Also that I was losse. I was depsted I ran to the nurse officeand pretended to have cramps so I could go home. She said I didn't look right. She also wanted to know if there was anything she could do. She propley already knew.

Now I stand here watching him start to unbutton her pants she became scared and started to cry for him to stop. I broke the window and grabed a bottle and slung it on his head. It knocked him out. I buttoned her pants back and picked her up. I took her to my house and rocked her like a child.

The next day at school I got a letter that had been passed around to the whole school it said; IF YOU WANT TO SCORE GO ASK MELODY AND JULIA. Which my bestfriend's name is Melody and my name is Julia.

It was the last class of the day. I waked her home like we used when we where little kids. We held hands even like we did when where little kids we both felt so secure togther that we did not speak once. We both knew a guy would never come between us again.

Some Diary Enteries


April 16

He sets there everyday looking so fine, I wonder if he notices me because I totally notice him, I can't get him out of my mind. I feel so lightheded around him. I wish I could just get up and tell him that I can't stop thinking about him but I don't the guts to. I wish I did but I don't I hate shyness but I am stuck with it even though I hate it with a passion.

April 17

Today in the hallway I ran into him on purpose hoping to to tell him how I fell even though I don't know his name. I thought he would laugh in my face but insted he picked up my notebook that I droped ont he floor so he would be near me. Yea I know it was a sad think to do and stupid. I He grabed and goes Mary here is your notebook. I go how do you know my name. He says because it is on your note book in big letters. He then says mine is BRAD. He asked me for my number and I gave to him. I know he will not call.

April 18

Brad asked me out to the Prom. I wonder what I will wear? How will I fix my hair? I am going to play with my hair so is supped good for the Prom WITH BRAD. Mom is calling me for a phone call.


It was Brad on the phone he wants to double date with Karen and Corey. They are such snobey brats. Well at least Brad will be there. I can't wait.

April 19

I am writing in the babthroom of the place we went to eat at. Brad is so dumb he is such a loser. He is even bigger snob then Karen and Corey put toghter. I know that is prettyer sad.I mean who cares what designer you wear or how your daddy is. I can't wait to go come.

April 22

This the last page of my diary. I am dating someone who is in my science he is actual my scince partner. His name is Andrew. Well I have to got o the story to buy a new diary. I know it is painful but I love you. BYE DIARY!:(

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