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HAve you ever had a time in your life where you would rather die then tell a soul about it!! WEll you must have told your best friend cuz WE FOUND OUT SO BEWARE!!

My science teacher once assigned me to a huge project with my crush, Alex. I was so excited! We agreed to meet at his house after school to start outlining the report. I guess my nerves got the best of me because my stomach was killing me. I was so paranoid that Alex could hear my stomach rumbling. I knew I had to get to a bathroom quickly, or I wouldn’t make it. I ran to the bathroom and made it just in time. After I went, I tried flushing the toilet, but it wouldn’t flush. Alex started knocking on the door, and told me he had forgotten that the toilet was broken. I was so horrified! I eventually opened the door, and once Alex got a whiff, he ran out to call the plumber. The next day I had a new science partner.
I had to give a huge speech at my middle school graduation. I was really nervous: Not only do I hate public speaking, but my crush's little brother was in the graduating class. His whole family was going to be at the ceremony, and hear my speech, so I knew it had to be great. Everyone wears all white to graduation, so I had to wear white pants even though I was expecting my period. I delivered my speech with confidence and ease; the whole audience applauded. As I returned to my seat, some little kid yelled "Eww her butt's bleeding!" I looked at the back of my pants, and I had gotten my period through my tight white pants. I ran off stage, and cried the whole way home. What great timing! Now my crush calls me BB for Bleeding Butt.
 had been dating my girlfriend Amanda for four months before I finally got to meet her family. They invited me to their beach house in Cape Cod for the weekend. I was really excited to get the chance to impress her parents! We all decided to go for a quick swim in the ocean when I realized I had forgotten my bathing suits. Her father was nice enough to lend me a pair of trunks. They were a little loose on me, but I was excited to go in the ocean, so I wore them anyway. After we had been swimming for a while, I ran out of the ocean to grab a pair of goggles. Amanda's mom looked horrified and started screaming. When I looked down I realized my suit was still in the ocean. I was standing there naked in front of her whole family. That was the last time I was invited to the beach!

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